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Electric Oil Pumps - Flexolite

Our Electric Oil Pumps can be used for pressurising an engine prior to start-up or to provide cooling/filtration circuits on engines, gearboxes, differentials and turbochargers. They can be operated by simple on/off switches or pressure / temperature sensitive switches.  They have been successfully used in endurance racing cars, as well as vintage long-distance rally cars.  We can supply a wide range of complementary items for these pumps - coolers, filters, switches, etc.

Two types of oil pump are available:
1) Diaphragm pump.  EOP1(above, left).  Lightweight 12 volt pump with in-built cooling fan. This will pump up to 2 gallons (9 litres) per minute and produces a maximum pressure of 50psi (3.4bar).  (For lower pressures we can supply a pressure regulator).  Suitable for constant use to 130ºC, with intermittent use to 150ºC.  Maximum current draw is 7amps.  Weight is 1.5kg.  Dimensions approximately 4” (100mm) diameter by 6” (150mm) long.  Has integral mounting bracket.  The pump head can be rotated in 90º increments to help installation; the ports have a 3/8NPT female thread.  
2)  Vane pump.  EOP2 (above, right).  A sliding vane pump with 14v motor.  Flow 24gph/109 litres of oil at 150ºC.  Pressure 0-60 psi/0-4 bar.  Suitable for continuous use up to 150ºC Maximum current draw is 5.5 amps.  Dimensions approximately 108mm x 65mm.  The ports have a -06JIC female thread.  This pump is not normally supplied with a mounting bracket but we can supply a quick release bracket if required.

Item Variants

Bracket - £37.00
EOP1 Diaphragm pump - £180.00
EOP2 Vane pump - £483.00


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