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Oil Coolers - available from Flexolite

The cooler consists of alternating layers of oil-ways and air-ways to give the maximum surface area for efficient heat exchange.  The simple, brazed construction also provides an ideal strength-to-weight ratio. The standard thickness (front to back measurement) is 50mm (2”), there are two widths readily available and a wide range of heights – normally reckoned in “rows”. 

Coolers can be supplied with a variety of connections, but JIC and BSP male threads are the most widely-used (other types can be supplied to order).  The coolers are reasonably robust but rubber-mounting is advised in harsh usage or where vibration is a problem.  It is recommended that coolers over 16-rows high are mounted using both top and bottom plates or have a clamping arrangement between the top and bottom plates.  For really rough use we recommend the CR range of coolers (see below).

Ideally, coolers should be mounted where there is a good supply of cool air  - but this is not always possible and we can supply electric fans if required.  We suggest that any oil cooler system incorporates a thermostat, not only to help the engine warm up but also to protect the cooler from pressure spikes when starting from cold.

We will be happy to advise on size and type of cooler, location, etc.

STANDARD                              MOUNTING   CONNECTION     MATRIX      OVERALL  
DIMENSIONS (mm):                 CENTRES        CENTRES          WIDTH       WIDTH
FULL-WIDTH                                308                    248                   235            330
HALF-WIDTH                                188                    128                   115            210

 Please specify thread type and size when ordering. If you are unsure please ask.

Item Variants

OCF07 Full width 7 row - £68.00
OCF10 Full width 10 row - £78.00
OCF13 Full width 13 row - £91.00
OCF16 Full width 16 row - £103.00
OCF19 Full width 19 row - £118.00
OCF25 Full width 25 row - £140.00
OCH07 Half width 7 row - £57.00
OCH10 Half width 10 row - £60.50
OCH13 Half width 13 row - £70.50
OCH16 Half width 16 row - £83.50
OCH19 Half width 19 row - £98.50
OCH25 Half width 25 row - £125.00


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