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Brake and Clutch Bleed Screws (Single Handed) - from Flexolite

 Which is where single-handed bleed screws come in.  These clever little devils take the place of conventional bleed-screws but have a spring-loaded brass valve which does away with all that “up-down-up-down” nonsense when you need to bleed the system. 
Under normal operating conditions the valve is screwed down and the bleed screw is sealed. When you need to bleed the system all you have to do is loosen the screw half a turn or so and connect the outlet to a suitable container. Then press the brake (or clutch) pedal up and down to expel air and fluid – the spring-loaded valve stops the fluid and air from being drawn back into the system. When you’re happy that all the air has been expelled, you tighten the screw and that’s the job done. Bleeding simple.

Single-handed bleed-screws are available in a variety of sizes, price - £32.20 per pair.  Please enquire if the size you require is not listed. 

Item Variants

SH14 1/4 UNF (pair) - £32.20
SH38 3/8 UNF (pair) - £32.20
SH516 5/16 UNF (pair) - £32.20


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