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Reversing Safety System - Audio kit from Flexolite

We all value being able to reverse safely and this new system can help.  Every vehicle has blind spots which can catch you out but with this system there is an audible and visual warning to the driver.  The Reversing Safety System is straightforward to connect to the brake light circuit on your vehicle and will not affect any engine management systems.

The Audio system works automatically when you engage reverse gear.  The two rear sensors (left and right) detect objects behind the vehicle, giving warning on the LED display as coloured lights, changing from green to amber then red as the object becomes closer.  The LED display also indicates the position of any obstruction, left, right or centrally behind the vehicle.  The display shows the distance from vehicle counting down from 1.5 meters as the vehicle moves.  Full fitting instructions are included. 

The kit contains:


2 x flush mount digital sensors (23mm) - can be painted
LED audio and numerical display (2.5")
Control box and wires
Hole saw
Cable connectors

All components are automotive grade.

It's important to note that the Reversing Safety System is NOT a substitute for attention whilst reversing.  Safety remains the sole responsibility of the driver. 

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RSS-A Audio kit - £65.00


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