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Engine Oil Drain Valve

This valve replaces your sump plug and no tools are required once the valve is fitted.  Frozen drain plug and stripped threads are eliminated forever.  The risk of scalding is also reduced as hot oil can drain without coming into contact with your hands.

Simply, remove your engine sump plug, allow the oil to drain before screwing the Quick Valve in place of the original plug.  Tighten to the torque settings recommended in your workshop manual, taking care not to over-tighten.  Once fitted the valve will give years of trouble-free operation.

Lift - Turn - Drain, it's simple!!!  The valve requires a lift and quarter turn to open so would be very difficult to accidentally release the oil.  However for cars with low ground clearance or vehicles to be used for serious off-road activities it is recommended that a safety clip be used for extra security.  The safety clip will keep the lever firmly in the locked position at all times.  Some engine sumps have a recessed drain hole which prevents the valve screwing into place.  Adaptors are available to overcome this.

Available in both standard - compact with minimal overhang and the nipple model (as shown) which allows for a hose to be fitted for even cleaner operation.  These valves are made of corrosion-resistant forged brass and stainless steel with ball valve design. 

(Nipple valve shown in photo)

Item Variants

QVAD-106 Adaptor 15mm length - £7.50
QVF106 Thread size M14 - 1.5 - 14mm OD, 1.5mm pitch £30.00
QVF-106N Thread size M14 - 1.5 - 14mm OD, 1.5mm pitch £30.00


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