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Accusump Oil Pressure Accumulator - from Flexolite

The Accusump will iron out shock waves in the oil pressure system caused by rapid RPM increase on a cold engine, sticky oil pressure relief valves, etc.  Shock waves can damage oil filters, coolers, oil lines and oil pump drives.

The Accusump can be mounted in any position, using various methods of plumbing:

1.  Straight into the oil gallery

2.  For engines with a spin-on filter using a take-off plate

3.  Engines with disposable filter use a take-off plate, tee off a loop and fit a one-way valve

4.  Tee off downstream of a remote filter installation.

Accusump available with both manual and electric controls, with capacity of 2, 4 or 6 pints.  A 2 pint capacity Accusump would be adequate at cranking speeds. 

Item Variants

OPA1 2 pint capacity - manual control - 12 £260.00
OPA2 2 pint capacity - electric control - 12 £450.00
OPA3 4 pint capacity - manual control - 12 £280.00
OPA4 4 pint capacity - electric control - 12 £470.00
OPA5 Stainless steel mounting clamps - £23.50


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